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Sep 28

Like ‘Make-a-wish’, but with wine

2 days ago, M. picked me up and we headed west, to Toronto. As a post-chemo treat, we got to go the live taping of The Social, a talk show featuring none other than my blogging idol Lainey. I’ve met Lainey before and she’s been keeping an eye on how I’m doing, so I used …

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Jul 21

Women and wine

I keep reading these articles about women and excessive drinking and wine consumption and this is what I have to say: I HAVE CANCER! And I’m bald. And I have no boobs. So I’m totally at peace with excessive wine consumption.

Apr 23

Wine VS Chemo

so I got some not-very-good-news today about this little Cancer-situation…. turns out it’s worst-badder than they thought. I’ll spare you the 2-tumor measurements, but instead, let me tell you about the research protocol questionnaire… ACTUAL real questions: Q: Have you smoked more than 100 cigarettes in your life? A: NO. skip entire page, move on …

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