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May 02

3:30 musings

I posted this to my personal FB in the middle of the night, but I think I meant for it to also be a blog post…. Yesterday, we took a road trip and I did whatever I could do keep them both smiling, at the same time. ‘On this day’ last year was the mega …

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Apr 25

Superhero powers, activate

I haven’t shared my Instagram here, but it’s not like I was hiding it. However today it feels very appropriate. This is what I just posted: Wearing my armour for battle: vintage SuperHero necklace from @andreascher probably the first thing I ever bought online and then sold in my store @mortimersnodgrass – reminds me of …

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Feb 04

Maybe the Bureaucrats read my blog

Called the Civil Affairs office back this morning, nice lady on the phone confirmed that the problem is that the SP3 form filled out by the doctor states the date of death as January 1. I assured her that he died on the 3rd. I told her she could become my friend on FB if …

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Feb 03

The Story I Had No One to Tell

I read a local food blog last week that said one of our favorite hipster pizza places was closing under suspicious circumstances and that the owner was leaving the employees high and dry. This was the kind of story that J would have been all over: he would have sent me the link at 5 …

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Feb 01

Dear Bureaucrat, did you forget about me?

In the Jewish tradition, 30 days after someone’s death is Shloshim where some of the mourning restrictions are lifted. I will be getting a haircut tomorrow. In the meantime, in the eyes of our dear bureaucrats, I am still in limbo: I have not received a corrected version of the death certificate. Both the notary …

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Jan 27

His Stuff

J was in the hospital for a year. At some point, he stopped wearing even pjs and tshirts and was stuck in hospital gowns. So since we were selling the house and moving, we got a head start on packing by putting all his clothes in suitcases a good month before we moved. Once we …

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Jan 24

I am NOT good at everything

Every couple somehow shares household duties. In our house, a lot of stuff fell on my shoulders because I was the handy one and the creative one. J on the other hand was extra organized, so he took care of ALL the paperwork. This worked for us both at home and at the store. I …

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Jan 19

Dear Pencil-Pusher: You suck at your job

When someone dies where I live, nothing can happen until an official death certificate is received in the mail, 5-10 business days after the form is submitted by the funeral home. On Friday, 5 very expensive copies of said death certificate arrived in the mail. I knew they were coming, but I have to admit …

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Jan 15

My New Uniform

In the olden days, widows had very strict guidelines on how to dress. When they went out into the world, it was clear: they are widows in mourning. During my chemo, I went out of my way to dress up whenever I left the house: cute dresses with boots, scarves on my head, I even …

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Jan 14


I started blogging in 2002, on the now-defunct Diaryland. I blogged through my infertility treatments, and it brought into my life some amazing women that I still count as friends today. It also brought #floorcake, #dirtyunderpantsgirl and so many other words that helped me get through tough times. (we didn’t use hashtags back then, but …

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