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Sep 03

Special New Year Thank Yous

it’s the eve of Rosh Hashana Eve and most of my friends are busy making apple cakes and setting fancy tables. I’m not cooking this year, having been warmly invited to join both family and friends for all festive meals. I’m not even putting up the Sukkah, which makes me very sad, but also relieves …

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Aug 26

Remembering the most amazing weekend ever

The last 2 days were unbelievable. Unless you are one of the 3 people who are not friends with me on FB or you are a person from the future who is reading blogs from the yesteryears on whatever technology you have, you already know most of what I’m about to say, but I need …

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Aug 19

chemostyle – jeans edition

#chemostyle yes, I know, I’m wearing jeans! BUT! I’m flying solo today and I needed lots of pockets! Solo, but not alone. That bracelet? My 40th bday gift from all my girlfriends. And that super cosy shawlette? Just arrived in the mail from Magda, who is now here with me in spirit today.

Jun 23

One year ago today, the beeper went off

One year ago today, we shipped SQ off to camp for the first time. It was so momentous, to send off our puzzling-and-amazing child off for 2 weeks, that we invited tons of our friends to our house to take a swim and have a drink to celebrate what we thought was going to be …

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Jun 20

It’s the Unpredictability that gets me

Round 1 was OK. Round 2 was worse, but not in the way I had expected. Round 3 was The Pits, but only after giving me false hope of being ok. And now Round 4. The truth is, I didn’t have time for Round 4. I was busy. I packed up our cottage after we …

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Jun 12

I’ve Got Mail!

Several nice things have come out of this nightmare. We are being helped, supported and cared for by an army of friends and acquaintances who are providing meals (I can eat, but I CANNOT stand the smell of cooking food. being in the kitchen to cook is hell), coming with me to chemo or taking …

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Mar 12

Bye Bye Boobies

Last, night, I was surrounded by love and laughter. I gathered the 8 amazing girls who have agreed to walk with me, along with other fabulous and supportive girlfriends who are along for the ride in other ways. We drank wine, chatted, played Cards Against Humanity and drank so more. And my super fabulous friend R. …

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Mar 08

oh sure, make me cry why don’t you

I admit, the last 48 hours have kicked my ass. I started out so strong, and ended up couch-surfing. It’s not pretty. But then, I got an email this morning from a long-time bloggy friend E who send me A LIST of things she will be sending to the auction. A LIST! Several items! And …

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