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Sep 21

A ‘Touchy’ Subject

I can’t feel the tips of my fingers or toes. Neuropathy is the fancy word. It comes along with Taxol. I didn’t have it, until literally this week. With one friggin week to go, and suddenly, numb. At first, it was just a couple of toes, during the big walk, no big deal really. But …

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Jul 04

12 weeks

Tomorrow, the next treatment phase starts: Taxol. At some point, I was mis-informed or mis-understood the protocol: I was expecting 3 weeks on, 1 week off, 12 treatments over 16 weeks. Somehow, that one week off was giving me a little hope, a tiny perk to look forward to. I had thought of heading down …

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Apr 12

the waiting game

I was supposed to see the oncologist next Monday, to figure out if need chemo or if tamoxifen will be enough. But they called to move it to Wednesday. 48 hours is not a lot. Except when you are waiting to take a deep breath and hopefully move on.