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May 16

When a dress is so much more than a dress

I already know what I’m wearing to chemo tomorrow, I’ll post a picture. But I have so much to say about the dress, I wanted to write it down today. It’s a #modcloth dress that I didn’t buy. Angela bought it and it didn’t quite fit her right. Then I got cancer and felt like …

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May 03

Fun Chemo Facts

I am on a condensed AC protocol (14 days). If you are one of the many who asked me which drugs/how often/how many, that should answer your questions RED chemo is hard core, the nurses wear double gloves and a mask and keep it UV protected. Until they inject it inside of you. So on …

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May 02

Tomorrow, Tomorrow…

This is it. for real. Chemo starts tomorrow. So obviously I am doing what everyone does the day before chemo: obsessing about what I am going to wear! I made a promise to myself, that for as long as possible, I will wear my cute dresses to chemo. Lord knows summer is *MY* season and …

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Apr 26

(No title)

SnodV and LaineyGossip, pre-chemo Gossip Night

Last night, I got dressed up to the nines in a dog-print #anthropologie dress and took @snoddee with me to meet my Gossip Goddess, the Dean of the Faculty of Celebrity Gossip, Lainey. We had a great time. I’ve been a reader if hers since the inception of her newsletter, before Tom Cruise was crazy …

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Apr 24

(No title)

So I suck at selfies. But here is proof that I can still hit @modcloth level on the schlumpometer. This is a very old dress, but I need to take a work-related pic today

Apr 07

Look Ma, 2 hands!

I just took a shower and washed my hair using BOTH my arms!!! Why am I telling you this? Because it’s been 3 weeks and 3 days since my double-mastectomy, and my left arm (the side where the sentinel node was removed) is still pretty much non-functioning. So lifting my arm above my head is …

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Apr 03

the needle went up on the Schlumpometer!

Today, I left my house wearing jeans and a cute peasant top (over my white-old-lady-compression-tank) and had lunch with M. It was good to go somewhere that is NOT the hospital and to wear real clothes. But I have to admit, I got tired really fast, and the skin-stretching in the boob area is in …

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Mar 07

1 week

*cue BNL ‘One Week’* ¬†Finally, it’s Thursday.¬† I was overly ambitious this morning and put together a very indy-hippy Jcrew Modcloth hybrid outfit AND I put on a little makeup and braided my hair for a thing at NJ’s school. It was too much. Fast forward 3 hours and now I’m in my yoga pants …

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Feb 28

T minus 14

It’s Thursday. There are officially 2 weeks left until my mastectomy. I don’t want to call is ‘surgery’ anymore. Yes, it’s a surgery, but I am not afraid to say mastectomy. A friend asked me this morning if I was getting anxious. I think I got anxious a while ago. Now I am just fed …

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Feb 25


pinterestyouaredrunk: Rainbow Brite Snuggler I think this should be my post-surgery outfit. where would that fall on the #schlumpometer ????

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