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Sep 23

chemo style, one last time

Last chemo. Very anti-climactic as it’s not the end of treatment, just THIS treatment. But I’m dressed very much like my normal self, so there is that

Sep 16

chemo style, combat edition

Combat Boots and Camo Dress, ready for War

Ready for combat! Hoping the camo print and combat boots, with hidden vodka socks, will give me a bad-ass look to convince the docs I’m fit for chemo today.

Sep 02

chemo style – holiday edition

Scarf Selfie

When your labor day outfit has to take you from Synagogue to chemo…

Aug 20

(No title)

modcloth: Who can resist pink and lace? The lovely Vivid Dreamer Dress is 70% off during our Last Hurrah Sale, so don’t miss out! <3 The ModStylists I DO NOT need another dress…. it is somewhat Rosh Hashana worthy. btu seeing as we have no invites, I can’t imagine wearing this for lunch with my …

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Aug 05

Chemostyle – lobster edition

For the epic chemo buddy L, I wore my lobster dress, because L ‘loves’ lobster fashion!

Jul 17

chemo style – fortune teller edition

Scarf + earring combo = fortune teller

Jul 15

chemo style – only the scarf

Bald and fat, so for today’s Chemo-style, you get my new Pom-Pom trimmed scarf!

Jun 14

chemo style – maxi edition

Round 4. Chemo-style: GAP maxi dress, wedges, stylish scarf. I will probably spend the next 7 days in my pjs, Di I’m stepping up today!

May 31

(No title)

I knit. What’s your super power? Worn with cute #jcrew pants from our last Florida trip that have never seen the light of day. Not a dress, I know, but this shirt demanded to be worn to chemo.

May 17

(No title)

A chemo dress from Fluid Pudding

The #modcloth dress. Leggings a medical necessity: legs are too pale and its freezing on the chemo room!

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