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Mar 08

oh sure, make me cry why don’t you

I admit, the last 48 hours have kicked my ass. I started out so strong, and ended up couch-surfing. It’s not pretty. But then, I got an email this morning from a long-time bloggy friend E who send me A LIST of things she will be sending to the auction. A LIST! Several items! And …

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Feb 15

28 days

or 4 weeks from today or 1 month depending on how you count That is how long is left before my surgery. considering it’s been 1 month/4weeks/30days since my diagnosis, it’s pretty far away….. I know for socialized medicine, this is an acceptable wait. But after the day I had, 1 month feels very very …

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Feb 06

Vacation, Redux

When J went on the transplant list almost 3 years ago, he got a beeper and a virtual leash: we could not be anymore than 2 hours from the hospital at all times. That meant no vacations. We took a little trip to Trois-Riviere, but we couldn’t really go anywhere else, not even just across …

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Jan 28

Telling the kids

Been out of town for a quick business trip. I really want to stop keeping this secret and tell the kids, but 8pm is not a wise move. And tomorrow is NJ’s adoption anniversary, I don’t want to associate the two. So Wednesday at the earliest….. I just want to tell them.