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Oct 25

Conquering One Fear


Remember when I said I would OUTRUN the cloud? As in actual running? Then things got worse and worse and I could walk long distances but I could not get my heart-rate up at all. So there has be no running. None. Zero. I honestly do not remember the last time I plugged in the …

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Apr 30

Let’s resume Ass-Kicking!

This morning, I went for an almost 5 mile-walk with JCW and her dog. It looked like it might rain, but we both agreed that a little water wasn’t going to keep us from training – she’s on the team that will walk with me in August. Not only did it not rain, but when …

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Apr 25

(No title)

Got dressed to go run outside… FRIGID! So I walked home, hopped on and didn’t take 1vwalking break. Increased my pace from 15 to 13 to 11 minute miles and sweated til I hit 2 miles. Screw Cancer!

Apr 16

Tomorrow, tomorrow, you’re only a day away

My life would be so much better with a musical soundtrack. Though it would probably more Les Mis than Annie. Anyhow, meeting with the surgical oncologist tomorrow afternoon. I will know once and for all: chemo or no chemo. I have prepared myself to be told I need it. But I have also educated myself …

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Mar 28

1.1 km

I walked, outside, to the chi-chi shopping street. Fresh air, sun is out. I didn’t walk fast, and I had to call to get a ride home because I was tired at the end, but the good news is I walked 1.1 m outside.

Feb 18

(No title)

Slow long 13 min intervals, 2 min warm up and midpoint. Last week i didn’t run. This week, I make up for it

Feb 03

5k – 37:50

Still doing 5/2, but I’m getting faster! Decided to keep going for full distance today, booyah cancer!

Jan 26


I had a rough night, not enough sleep, too many thoughts as I mentally prepare to tell the kids next week. Which made for a not very good run this morning. At the 18 min mark I saw spots and my arm started shaking. My good arm, not even the numb one. So I pressed …

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Jan 25

(No title)

On may way back to 5km in 35 min