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Mar 19

That did not go well

saw the plastic surgeon this morning. was REALLY hoping he would take the drains out, at least 2 of them. I’ve heard every story: some had all drains removed the first week, some 2, some none. I thought I was doing so well, draining so little, I was totally going to be one of the …

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Mar 17

bits and pieces

some ladies who had this surgery told me they slept in their own bed, propped up on pillows…. how???? I can sleep in the recliner, because getting in and out is a straight-ahead procedure, but anything at all involving turning above the waist it NOT possible. how could I get out of bed? I am …

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Mar 16

things are looking up

I slept in the recliner in the den. it wasn’t quite as good as the fancy hospital bed, but it didn’t spring a leak in the middle of the night! I got a decent night of sleep, not fabulous, but much better than I had expected. The few women who had talked to me about …

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Mar 15

Why would I lie about a deflating matress?

Came out of surgery fine. Sore and in pain but fine. Spent quite a few hours in recovery room because my regular baseline blood pressure is low, combined with anesthetic and pain-meds and it was very low. But eventually I made it back to my room, where I enjoyed a great visit with My Girls: …

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