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Apr 18

when positive is negative

if the surgical oncologist says the lymph nodes are positive, it’s actually not good. I have chemo in my future. I don’t know anything else yet because I need a medical oncologist and right now i only have a surgical oncologist. but he wagered that I had 4 to 6 months of chemo in my …

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Apr 15

Insert Nap Here

According to the calendar, it’s been one month since my surgery. All in all, I feel much better. My right arm is pretty much back to normal, though all previous muscle definition is gone. My left arm is coming along. I have roughly 3/4 range of motion but absolutely zero strength and a weird tingly-numbness …

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Apr 07

Look Ma, 2 hands!

I just took a shower and washed my hair using BOTH my arms!!! Why am I telling you this? Because it’s been 3 weeks and 3 days since my double-mastectomy, and my left arm (the side where the sentinel node was removed) is still pretty much non-functioning. So lifting my arm above my head is …

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Apr 05

the proverbial 2 steps back

I thought I was feeling great. It turns out I was very bored and am an overachiever. I have been doing too much. By which I mean driving tiny short distances that NJ could run in under 10 min and going to lunch with a friend. I know. Talk about OVER doing it. But I …

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Apr 04

One ‘Selfie’ I’ll never post

For those of you not up on your internet lingo, a ‘Selfie’ is a self-portrait you take with your cell phone. After the plastic surgeon suggested it 2 days ago, I mulled it over. I was completely alone in the house this morning, about to take a shower, and I did it. I took a …

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Mar 29

2 week update

it’s been 2 weeks since my double mastectomy. Things I CAN do: brush my own hair with my right hand tie it loosely but crap-ily! get dressed on my own, as long as the tank top is VERY stretchy walk outside (1.1 km today) drive – ok, i just did this today, it hurt and i …

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Mar 27


the part nobody tells you about, and if you are having a mastectomy, sorry, I am about to spill the secret, is that taking the drains out is PAINFUL!  While I am so so so happy to be rid of those rubber tubes, the removal process was excruciating. Fast, like 2 seconds on each side, …

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Mar 26

Milking it for all it’s worth

2 days ago, even though I didn’t want to look, I realised something was wrong. Blocked drains. To fix it, the nurse at the cancer center had to Milk the Drains….. I have dealt with my infertility. I was the one who chose to go from lumpectomy to mastectomy. but MILKING????? really, there is not …

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Mar 25

I still can’t look

It’s been 10 days. Yesterday, i had a different kind of soreness than I’ve had until now and I thought I might have a wound-infection. The only way to know would be to look for redness and feel for heat. I was able to put my hand on it and feel for heat, but I …

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Mar 20

24 hours and one home-care assistant later

So we called in the professionals. My husband called a couple of places and we found one that could send someone this morning at 8 am. A home-care specialist, not quite a nurse, but knew exactely what to do with the drains and the gauze and the polysporin, even had her own little trick to make …

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