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Dec 04

25/30 – Just rip it off!

I started my day off in pjs, knitting and sipping tea. I canceled all my plans, because I have been feeling mega crappy all week. Fatigue and tired in NOT the same. When you have radiation fatigue, you can wake up from an 8 hour sleep and feel like you need a nap. I’m also …

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Nov 27

20/30 Cancer made me dumb


Today was my 20th radiation. I have been parking indoors since the 3rd day, so 17th time in the indoor, connected-to-hospital, warm parking lot. It only occurred to me TODAY that I could leave my winter coat in the car and not schlep it with me all over the hospital. Cancer; it kills brain cells. …

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Nov 12

9/30 The Spatula in the Bathroom

I have a few serious posts sitting in my draft box. They are not quite right. I keep working and reworking them. One is titled Yes, I am a Selfish Bitch, and the other one is All Levels of Hard. I hope to get them right at some point, but until I do, I will …

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