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Oct 17


Alternative Title: How to give a Cancer Patient a 2-day Panic Attack Tuesday, 3:58 phone call from hospital Radio-Onco Appointment Giver: Hi, I need to give you an appointment for a CT scan Thursday ME: Oh, there must be a mix-up, I had it last week. I’m supposed to have markings next. ROAG: No no, …

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Sep 09

The calendar of doom

**warning, this post contains a lot of self-pity, aggravation and general moodiness. please do not respond with rainbows and puppy dogs, I will kick your ass. I’m serious** You see that calendar? It’s on the fridge. Every week when I come home from chemo, we scratch out the 2/3 lines for that day. We were …

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Jul 30

There is no short-cut

Yesterday was Taxol #4. I have to admit I was not in a good mood heading over there because the girls came home from camp the day before and this was their first morning home after 28 days. I wanted to hang around, do nothing and just soak up their stories and smiles. But instead, …

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