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Dec 20

It was one year ago tomorrow

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 3.13.01 PM

This is a screen-shot from a limited-list status update from Dec 21 of last year. I can honestly say that I had NO IDEA I had cancer that day. I did have a moment of ‘what if?’. But it was the holiday season, I went to work and totally put it out of my mind. …

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Dec 04

25/30 – Just rip it off!

I started my day off in pjs, knitting and sipping tea. I canceled all my plans, because I have been feeling mega crappy all week. Fatigue and tired in NOT the same. When you have radiation fatigue, you can wake up from an 8 hour sleep and feel like you need a nap. I’m also …

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Nov 27

20/30 Cancer made me dumb


Today was my 20th radiation. I have been parking indoors since the 3rd day, so 17th time in the indoor, connected-to-hospital, warm parking lot. It only occurred to me TODAY that I could leave my winter coat in the car and not schlep it with me all over the hospital. Cancer; it kills brain cells. …

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Nov 21

Wonder if I taste like chicken

I sure FEEL like chicken!!! Have you ever defrosted a chicken breast in the microwave a few seconds to long? It comes out still cold in some parts, hot in others, dried out on top and crispy around the edges. THAT is exactly how external beam radiation feels. It’s cold outside these days, so I …

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Nov 12

9/30 The Spatula in the Bathroom

I have a few serious posts sitting in my draft box. They are not quite right. I keep working and reworking them. One is titled Yes, I am a Selfish Bitch, and the other one is All Levels of Hard. I hope to get them right at some point, but until I do, I will …

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Nov 02

My Apologies to Katy Perry

I admit it. I never liked Katy Perry. My girls love her. I tried to keep her from infecting my house, but I’m not THAT good, and we saw the ‘documentary’ and we (they) own all the albums on iTunes. Then the awesome people made that ROAR video I linked a few days ago and …

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Oct 29


Holy S*$*%*%*%! This is really happening. They gave me a tentative schedule for radiation last week, but scrolled across it, in big letters, is WILL CALL TO CONFIRM. They called today. Thursday, 1 pm, I get radiated. I’ve had months to think about this, weeks to actually look into this. And you know what? I …

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Oct 27

Send me a song!

Yes, I’m about to shamelessly ask you give me a hand. At the tune of 1.29$ per person. Tune! it’s a pun!!!! Yesterday, I was seriously shaken to my core by a live version of True Colors by Cyndi Lauper. The day before, it was ROAR by Katy Perry. I won’t tell you how many …

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Oct 23

The Expandables

I have one regret. I didn’t go with my gut. I let Doctors talk me into something I didn’t want. Way back in late January, right after the formal diagnosis, I was told I needed a lumpectomy followed by radiation, as I presented as an early Stage I, 1-lump cancer. My gut feeling told me …

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Oct 17

‘Your heart is not exactly in the right place’

That’s a direct quote from Dr. M, the radio oncologist this morning… Mmwaaaahhhh! How seriously funny is that? The humor, it just never stops! It’s gets even better: My heart, while generally where it’s supposed to be, is a little too close to the cavity they need to zap, and they don’t want to zap …

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