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Feb 04

Maybe the Bureaucrats read my blog

Called the Civil Affairs office back this morning, nice lady on the phone confirmed that the problem is that the SP3 form filled out by the doctor states the date of death as January 1. I assured her that he died on the 3rd. I told her she could become my friend on FB if …

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Feb 01

Dear Bureaucrat, did you forget about me?

In the Jewish tradition, 30 days after someone’s death is Shloshim where some of the mourning restrictions are lifted. I will be getting a haircut tomorrow. In the meantime, in the eyes of our dear bureaucrats, I am still in limbo: I have not received a corrected version of the death certificate. Both the notary …

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Jan 24

I am NOT good at everything

Every couple somehow shares household duties. In our house, a lot of stuff fell on my shoulders because I was the handy one and the creative one. J on the other hand was extra organized, so he took care of ALL the paperwork. This worked for us both at home and at the store. I …

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