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Sep 01

(No title)

Off the needles. Perfect for chemo tomorrow

Feb 27

F*CK Cancer hat

I just finished a F*CK CANCER hat for the auction

Feb 25

(No title)

If you are going to knit a F*ck Cancer hat, it’s probably not a wise choice to do it during your 10 y.o.’s dance class. Also, if you see it’s turning out child-sized, it would be wise to start over. Because even your wild friend A. wouldn’t put that on her kid’s head.

Feb 22

Channeling the angry energy

Some people have been worried about my ‘negativity’ or my anger. Please don’t worry. This is how I cope. I get mad and then I do something with it. So the auction went from tiny little idea to actual real thing in less than a day. We are getting a book from THE BLOGGESS! SQUEE! …

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