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Oct 09

I drove around town with a bag of pee in my car

My husband is known for losing things. Phone, glasses, wallet, keys, he’s lost them all, several times. Sometimes, it’s no big deal, sometimes, it causes a big ruckus, like the time he lost his wallet between the cab and airport check-in on our way to Florida. Or the time he lost his wallet right before …

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Mar 16

things are looking up

I slept in the recliner in the den. it wasn’t quite as good as the fancy hospital bed, but it didn’t spring a leak in the middle of the night! I got a decent night of sleep, not fabulous, but much better than I had expected. The few women who had talked to me about …

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Feb 02

bitter bitter angry

If you are looking for the hearth-warming, up-lifting cancer blog, move along, this is not it. I sat on this post in my head for a full 48 hours, thinking I might feel differently, but i don’t. I am bitter, angry, mad and ┬ájust not nice right now…. Here is the thing: the next person …

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Jan 31

(No title)

Our Girl Power matching bracelets. We will wear them until this is over. On though days, I told them they could touch the bracelets to feel connected

Jan 29

(No title)

Wish I had a bigger purse so I didn’t have to walk around holding these. Awkward.

Jan 28

Telling the kids

Been out of town for a quick business trip. I really want to stop keeping this secret and tell the kids, but 8pm is not a wise move. And tomorrow is NJ’s adoption anniversary, I don’t want to associate the two. So Wednesday at the earliest….. I just want to tell them.