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This is what a year in treatment looks like

by now, this video had gone somewhat viral. I saw it yesterday and honestly, I think I found my cancer-soulmate. After watching Emily’s video, I read her entire blog from start to finish. So many of her posts, I could have written myself, like her feeling on Pinktober. It happened to me just yesterday. I went to the party store and was literally smacked in the face by a flying pink ribbon balloon. Then at the grocery store, I saw pink-ribbon bread and soup. ARGH!!! (if you really want to raise awareness and do actual good, you know you can already sponsor next year’s walk, right?)

After I was done reading, I actually felt better. Things have been very gloomy. There is a lot of pressure to be happy and relieved that chemo is over. There is an expectation that things are ‘back to normal’. Which they are so very much not. And finding Emily’s blog made me feel like at least someone understood, even though she had absolutely no idea I exist.

So far, the other cancer warriors/patients I have met have had little in common with me. They were either older or much younger, or had very different treatment paths. Every cancer is different. Every battle is different. But I found myself a little bit in Emily’s story. And seriously, her video kicks ass.

Jun 11

well that was weird

A lot of people have been telling me I should write a book. And I keep thinking: why would I write a book? I’ve been blogging for a dozen years, it’s all out there already! But today I was thinking about bloggers who have written books (my idol, The Bloggess for one) and it made …

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Welcome to Cancerland


Smile! You’ve got cancer