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Aug 20

I’m too funny and inapproprite to keep it in box

As Ive been going through cancer, there have been lots of Inapproriate Thoughts of the Day, of ITotD. So far, Facebook list have been great and we got to giggle til we pee a little. But sometimes I really wish I could share with more people. so I would like to warn you that I …

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May 29

Cancer Humor

excerpt from an exchange with A.: Me: ‘I am bald. very bald. thus meaner.’ A: ‘Don’t make me laugh. Cancer is not funny.’ Except sometimes, you have to laugh. Like stepping into the shower on the day after your hair falls out, grabbing a razor to shave your legs and realizing there is nothing to …

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May 11

Social Niceties and the Etiquette of Cancer

My friends all have some of the same traits in common: they tend to be crafty (no, not all), almost all of them enjoy wine, and snarkyness is a MUST. I don’t mince my words and I don’t surround myself with people who do either. But when you have cancer and you are open and …

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Mar 14

last minute inappropriate thought

guess there is no point to wear a bra tomorrow morning! see you post boobies-removal!

Jan 29

accidentally joined the wrong internet crowd

while looking at post-mastectomy reconstruction options, I did a tumblr search. apparently the overwhelming number of people using tumblr who are posting on this topic are female-to-male transgender people. Its fascinating and totally awesome and i fully support them, but it’s not really too helpful. going back to google for this one.