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Nov 22

I’m going to miss Rusty

Rusty finished his rads yesterday. He tried to hug me, but he was not wearing pants at the time, so I mumbled something about white blood cells and just shook his hand instead. Which was not really a better idea, because he was holding his hospital gown and it slipped a little. In other inappropriate …

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Nov 21

Wonder if I taste like chicken

I sure FEEL like chicken!!! Have you ever defrosted a chicken breast in the microwave a few seconds to long? It comes out still cold in some parts, hot in others, dried out on top and crispy around the edges. THAT is exactly how external beam radiation feels. It’s cold outside these days, so I …

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May 29

Cancer Humor

excerpt from an exchange with A.: Me: ‘I am bald. very bald. thus meaner.’ A: ‘Don’t make me laugh. Cancer is not funny.’ Except sometimes, you have to laugh. Like stepping into the shower on the day after your hair falls out, grabbing a razor to shave your legs and realizing there is nothing to …

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Mar 14

last minute inappropriate thought

guess there is no point to wear a bra tomorrow morning! see you post boobies-removal!

Feb 25

(No title)

If you are going to knit a F*ck Cancer hat, it’s probably not a wise choice to do it during your 10 y.o.’s dance class. Also, if you see it’s turning out child-sized, it would be wise to start over. Because even your wild friend A. wouldn’t put that on her kid’s head.

Feb 04

What I learned today

After reconstruction, you don’t need to wear a bra: your boobs stay high up AND you have no nipples to show through your shirt. I am going to save SO MUCH money on bras!

Jan 30

I will not mind my P’s and Q’s!

Well, thank you all so very much. That was one giant internet-hug. After I posted my big news, I got so many requests for the blog, so thank you! Before we continue on this journey together, let me bring you up to speed.  I got my first blog on Diaryland in 2001. I have been …

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Jan 29

(No title)

Wish I had a bigger purse so I didn’t have to walk around holding these. Awkward.

Jan 29

accidentally joined the wrong internet crowd

while looking at post-mastectomy reconstruction options, I did a tumblr search. apparently the overwhelming number of people using tumblr who are posting on this topic are female-to-male transgender people. Its fascinating and totally awesome and i fully support them, but it’s not really too helpful. going back to google for this one.

Jan 25

Alternative blog title

As suggested by Dee: Outdoing the Double Lung Transplant. Clearly I surround myself with like-minded individuals.