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Jun 09

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

LAST HERCEPTIN. Last IV meds flowing through my veins. Still have 4.5 years of Tamoxifen ahead of me, Onco cannot find a good combo to get rid of the insane side effects and stopping is not an option. And I also need one last small intervention to take out my port. But tomorrow, 18 months …

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May 20

Keeping it exciting til the end

Today, I had my second to last Herceptin treatment… only one more to go. I know people who had to stop along the way because of the side effects. I had none. I was fine. Until today. Don’t ask me why, but today, it slayed me: nausea, wicked headache, all-over yuckiness and crazy muscle aches. …

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Oct 21

There is no crying in baseball

My girls saw ‘A League of Their Own’ on the way to New York last week. And we have been throwing that line around a lot as a joke: there’s no crying in homework, there’s no crying in laundry, there’s no crying in cancer…. Oops, there is plenty of crying in cancer. Except that somehow, …

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