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Jun 06

Get a Haircut and Get a Real Job


Always good advice from Georges Thorogood. So since I’m looking for work, I went to the hairdresser yesterday and I let her cut my hair. I’m growing it, so I really really didn’t want to cut it. But I looked like an electrified poodle. So I got it shaped. Turns out I am no longer …

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Jan 06

Critical Decision Time


While I wait for the CT scan department to call me and tell me if I can indeed have boobs made from my saggy stomach, why don’t we address a more serious matter: What should I do with my hair??? The color is so… mousey. Like a non-color. But do I really want to start …

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Nov 21

Wonder if I taste like chicken

I sure FEEL like chicken!!! Have you ever defrosted a chicken breast in the microwave a few seconds to long? It comes out still cold in some parts, hot in others, dried out on top and crispy around the edges. THAT is exactly how external beam radiation feels. It’s cold outside these days, so I …

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Nov 13

Cowlicks are forever


Look what I spotted this morning…. I guess going bald doesn’t mean you lose your cowlick

Aug 31

Hairy Situation

Growing In

Hairy situation….

Jul 16

chia pet

Bald, Day 1

Every time I look at the top of my head, I hear ‘Chch-chch-ch- Chia!’. And I don’t think these little sprouts will grow. They are just trying, before the Taxol kills their growth cycle.

Jul 10

Hair-y days

I don’t like wearing the wig. It’s too damn hot and itchy. Isn’t that ironic, after all this time I spent agonizing over GETTING the wig in the first place? Maybe it’s just because it’s summer and it’s so friggin hot. Meanwhile, now that AC is over, some hair is starting to grow back. Tiny …

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Jun 02

This is what cancer looks like

Fresh scars, no hair.

May 20

I’m bald

Timing is everything. Just yesterday morning, I wrote a post about Adjustments. So far, all the alone-time was the hardest. Not one hour later, my hair started hurting. As L. said to me last night, I didn’t know hair could hurt. I guess technically it was probably my scalp. Every tiny little spot where my hair …

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May 09

Life-Lesson learned

Apologies right off the top, yes, this is another post about my hair. Hopefully this is the last one, but this is a deep, feelings-processing post for me. I don’t have body issues. I have been EVERY size from a 4 to a 24 (I know some of you will find that hard to believe, …

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