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Oct 02

This totally cheered me up

mydaguerreotypeboyfriend: And now a submission from The Smithsonian. (Love it when these great institutions get in touch with their boyfriends of their very own!) Thought we would share our latest post with you. Is this a photo from the Civil War or an Urban Outfitters ad? Lt. George Custer and Fellow Union Troops Picnicking During the Civil …

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Aug 20

I’m too funny and inapproprite to keep it in box

As Ive been going through cancer, there have been lots of Inapproriate Thoughts of the Day, of ITotD. So far, Facebook list have been great and we got to giggle til we pee a little. But sometimes I really wish I could share with more people. so I would like to warn you that I …

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Jul 18

Cancer is the pregnancy I never had

I’ve never been pregnant. My 2 fabulous daughters are adopted. Lately though, as I chronicle the daily and mundane of living through treatment, I realize this is the closest I’ve ever come to pregnancy. Allow me to explain: nausea and fatigue in the first 2 months weird food cravings: to combat the metal taste, I’ve …

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May 29

Cancer Humor

excerpt from an exchange with A.: Me: ‘I am bald. very bald. thus meaner.’ A: ‘Don’t make me laugh. Cancer is not funny.’ Except sometimes, you have to laugh. Like stepping into the shower on the day after your hair falls out, grabbing a razor to shave your legs and realizing there is nothing to …

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May 28

Adventures in Port-o-Cathia

It has the word ‘Port’ in it, maybe it’s a nice sunny destination? Well, it did turn into a small adventure! I know what a portocath is because my husband J had one. Should you wish to know more, read here.  Easy Peasy. Really, it’s not a big deal. So yesterday morning, my Designated Person …

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Feb 14

For my surgery, I will be traveling back in time

Today was my pre-op day. They like to do it a month before, in case it turns out there is something else wrong with you. This is how my day went: arrive and be met by an adorable volunteer with blue hair who asked for my medicare and hospital cards, gave me a number, (#22) …

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(No title)

there is nothing funny about breast cancer. but this reminder to check your breast is hilarious.

Feb 04

Medicare doesn’t cover topless pictures

Just paid 60$ to a hospital photographer for topless pics of my before boobs. I wonder how you decide these are the kind of pictures you want to take as a photographer?

Jan 29

accidentally joined the wrong internet crowd

while looking at post-mastectomy reconstruction options, I did a tumblr search. apparently the overwhelming number of people using tumblr who are posting on this topic are female-to-male transgender people. Its fascinating and totally awesome and i fully support them, but it’s not really too helpful. going back to google for this one.