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Jun 01

Cancer Hyponchondria

Last winter, or maybe it was 2 winters ago already, I had a HORRIBLE sore throat and small cough that could not be treated. It got so bad, I convinced myself I had some form of throat cancer. Over dinner with a radiologist friend, he convinced me I was crazy, but did refer me to …

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May 28

Adventures in Port-o-Cathia

It has the word ‘Port’ in it, maybe it’s a nice sunny destination? Well, it did turn into a small adventure! I know what a portocath is because my husband J had one. Should you wish to know more, read here.  Easy Peasy. Really, it’s not a big deal. So yesterday morning, my Designated Person …

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Mar 12

Bye Bye Boobies

Last, night, I was surrounded by love and laughter. I gathered the 8 amazing girls who have agreed to walk with me, along with other fabulous and supportive girlfriends who are along for the ride in other ways. We drank wine, chatted, played Cards Against Humanity and drank so more. And my super fabulous friend R. …

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Mar 08

oh sure, make me cry why don’t you

I admit, the last 48 hours have kicked my ass. I started out so strong, and ended up couch-surfing. It’s not pretty. But then, I got an email this morning from a long-time bloggy friend E who send me A LIST of things she will be sending to the auction. A LIST! Several items! And …

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Feb 01

Things I learned today

from now on, kleenex and Xanax in my pockets at all times I will need to get over my hatred of anything with buttons because apparently I will be unable to stick my arms into a t-shirt for a good 3 weeks post-surgery (do they make t-shirts with buttons all the way down the front?) …

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Jan 31

how I found out

I had a mammogram in December. On the day of, I did notice the tech look a little strange at the screen after the left breast. Then they made we wait in the waiting room while still in the gown. That was the first time this had happened to me. She asked me to come back …

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