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Oct 09

I drove around town with a bag of pee in my car

My husband is known for losing things. Phone, glasses, wallet, keys, he’s lost them all, several times. Sometimes, it’s no big deal, sometimes, it causes a big ruckus, like the time he lost his wallet between the cab and airport check-in on our way to Florida. Or the time he lost his wallet right before …

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Mar 22

so then my husband….

got pneumonia in both lungs. his NEW recently transplanted lungs. and now he’s in the hospital for the next 3 nights…. so when movie producers read this blog, just so you know, I am not exaggerating on bit.

Mar 15

Why would I lie about a deflating matress?

Came out of surgery fine. Sore and in pain but fine. Spent quite a few hours in recovery room because my regular baseline blood pressure is low, combined with anesthetic and pain-meds and it was very low. But eventually I made it back to my room, where I enjoyed a great visit with My Girls: …

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Feb 02

bitter bitter angry

If you are looking for the hearth-warming, up-lifting cancer blog, move along, this is not it. I sat on this post in my head for a full 48 hours, thinking I might feel differently, but i don’t. I am bitter, angry, mad and  just not nice right now…. Here is the thing: the next person …

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