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May 20

Keeping it exciting til the end

Today, I had my second to last Herceptin treatment… only one more to go. I know people who had to stop along the way because of the side effects. I had none. I was fine. Until today. Don’t ask me why, but today, it slayed me: nausea, wicked headache, all-over yuckiness and crazy muscle aches. …

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Mar 13

Auction: we have dates!

Mother nature did her best last night to keep Team Outrunning the Cloud from gathering and making plans. But half the team and some of our most harden supporters (aka the wine-drinkers) did show up, and auction business was attended to. The auction will take place from May 25th to the 29th. The auction URL …

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Feb 17

To your needles! To your glue guns!


  This ‘Sad Bear’ is the first official project I’m working on for this year’s OutRunning The Cloud fundraising auction. We are just about at the official 3-month mark until the auction, so I thought today would be a good day to remind all crafty-people that it might be time to start working. Not that …

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