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Mar 31

Blind Showering

I have a giant mirror in my bathroom. But given that I have not gotten over my mental block yet, taking a shower has become a bit of a complicated thing. Why am I even writing about this? Because it’s sort of funny, and because some day, someone is going to google ‘showering after a …

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Mar 25

I still can’t look

It’s been 10 days. Yesterday, i had a different kind of soreness than I’ve had until now and I thought I might have a wound-infection. The only way to know would be to look for redness and feel for heat. I was able to put my hand on it and feel for heat, but I …

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Mar 20

24 hours and one home-care assistant later

So we called in the professionals. My husband called a couple of places and we found one that could send someone this morning at 8 am. A home-care specialist, not quite a nurse, but knew exactely what to do with the drains and the gauze and the polysporin, even had her own little trick to make …

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Mar 19

That did not go well

saw the plastic surgeon this morning. was REALLY hoping he would take the drains out, at least 2 of them. I’ve heard every story: some had all drains removed the first week, some 2, some none. I thought I was doing so well, draining so little, I was totally going to be one of the …

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Feb 28

T minus 14

It’s Thursday. There are officially 2 weeks left until my mastectomy. I don’t want to call is ‘surgery’ anymore. Yes, it’s a surgery, but I am not afraid to say mastectomy. A friend asked me this morning if I was getting anxious. I think I got anxious a while ago. Now I am just fed …

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Feb 18

the things that worry me

in no particular order: the wound. The scars don’t scare me at all, but the wound, the bandages, all that gory stuff – yuck. the drains – see above re yucky stuff possibly not being able to knit at first due to either pain or the drains having short hair – this one is weird, …

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Feb 15

28 days

or 4 weeks from today or 1 month depending on how you count That is how long is left before my surgery. considering it’s been 1 month/4weeks/30days since my diagnosis, it’s pretty far away….. I know for socialized medicine, this is an acceptable wait. But after the day I had, 1 month feels very very …

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Feb 12

Cancer doesn’t take a vacation

We took the girls on a little trip. Fun was had by all. But I have to admit, it’s always there, in the back of my head ‘I have cancer’. Some days more than others, some moments more than others. Mostly, I am fine and strong and looking forward to kicking some ass. But a …

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Feb 02

bitter bitter angry

If you are looking for the hearth-warming, up-lifting cancer blog, move along, this is not it. I sat on this post in my head for a full 48 hours, thinking I might feel differently, but i don’t. I am bitter, angry, mad and  just not nice right now…. Here is the thing: the next person …

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