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Oct 10

#pinkwashing rant: the NFL

I am Canadian. I do not watch football, except maybe the Grey Cup if the Als are in it and it’s -22 and snowing, then it’s just an excuse to drink beer. I have seen the Superbowl a few times, mostly because it coincided with cruises with took or visits to my friend L in …

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Oct 06

Daily Pink Rant: the toolbelt


My friend and teammate M found this at Canadian Tire this weekend and posted it on my FB wall.   My immediate reaction was: OMG I’m going to puke! To which N responded with: here, use this:   Now, I did the research: they donate 1$ for each tool-belt or bucket sold, which on an …

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Oct 03

today’s rant: tweezers


isn’t it nice of Tweezerman to donate 1$ for each of their ‘special edition breast cancer awareness tweezers’ to Komen? So, here are the 22$ and 40$ special edition, pink of course, tweezers… (for 40$ they are glittery!) 1$. I mean, if you REALLY need tweezers, I guess it’s ok. ┬áBut how many tweezers do …

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Oct 02

the almost-daily pink rant

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 12.12.30 PM

I’ve decided to try to post every day in October to counter the onslaught of #pinktober. I took a screen shot rather than link because I don’t want even ONE person to click on this, but seriously, take a look:   so we’ve got Clinique donating 10$ per bottle of the regular cream with the …

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