Jan 14


I started blogging in 2002, on the now-defunct Diaryland. I blogged through my infertility treatments, and it brought into my life some amazing women that I still count as friends today. It also brought #floorcake, #dirtyunderpantsgirl and so many other words that helped me get through tough times. (we didn’t use hashtags back then, but we totally would have, we were just ahead of them!)

I kept blogging through the long wait for our adoptions. This truly was the hay-day of blogging and the people that I met during that time are some of my absolute closest friends to this day. We shared so much, and blogging brought us together. Once we all became parents, we shared our experiences and became real-life friends, making some wonderful trips to connect our families.

I blogged through my cancer experience, right here on this blog. This too brought some amazing people into my life: fellow breasties who were going through treatment, some who had finished and had wise words of advice, but also some amazingly supportive souls who just wanted to lend an ear or a shoulder to cry on.

Blogging has brought so many people into my life that I never would have met otherwise. So I will be blogging this next phase of my life too. I know blogs aren’t really such a thing anymore, but whatever, I already own this domain and I’m too lazy and too tired to figure anything else out. I hope you’ll stick around for this next chapter. If you don’t, I understand, it’s not really going to be a cancer blog anymore (though I’m still waiting for that 5-year chip). And if you know anyone that I would like to connect with, please please send them this way. I’m curious to see who I get to meet as I enter what I am calling #WIDOWHOOD.

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  1. Anna in Turin

    I don’t remember the year I started reading your blogs, but I have been with you since the infertility and adoption blogs. You and so many other bloggers helped me through some of the roughest times in my life way back then and I’m so glad after all these years, we finally met in person. Hugs to you V girl.

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