Jun 17

Lâche pas! Té capable!


I haven’t been posting because there is nothing new to say: jay is still in the hospital, the kids are still having a hard time, the dogs are aging at an accelerated pace and I’m still juggling like mad to keep it all runnIng.  But let’s talk about that today: running. at some point during the winter, when late June seemed so far away and the treadmill was my only sanity, I agreed to run a crazy trail relay in New England with some of my awesome Killer Ladybugs possy. It seemed pretty crazy, 8 of us, 3 loops each in the forest over a 30 hour period. But whatever, I figured I had time to train. And I did. Now I am NOT a good runner, but I’ve been pretty dedicated and I stuck to it and I run 5K once a week, sometimes twice. I can do 10K on the treadmill, or on very flat streets if I walk a bit in the middle. But 10K on hilly mountain trails? Hell no!!!!


so with three weeks to go to the race (last week) I started running in the cemetary. It’s very hilly and there are way fewer runners than on the mountain. I’m still very self conscious when I get passed ten times in five minutes, so it’s better with fewer people.

today, I went left instead of right and immediately had a steep hill to climb. Greta, my legs are fresh, easy peasy. I figured it would be all downhill after. Wrong.

I got to the third incline and I told myself ‘just walk it’. Then something happened. This ultra marathoner guy that had passed me very early on came up next to me and ran up the hill, got to the top and ran back down just as I was slowing to a walk. I figured he was going back. Instead, he turned around again, slowed to a crawl next to me and said ‘lâche pas’ (don’t quit). Clearly I couldn’t talk to him because I was too busy trying to keep air going into my lungs,  but he trotted next to me silently all the way up the hill. When we got to the top, he said ‘té capable’, picked up his pace and ran away before I could catch my breath enough to say Merci.


so Merci, crazy ultra marathon guy. You have no idea how much I needed that today!


  1. Glenda

    sometimes, that’s all you need to hear……Most people underestimate the power of Divine Intervention. Glad you didn’t!!!!!!
    You made me cry.

  2. Anna in Turin

    Crazy marathon guy MERCI BEAUCOUP MON POT….you keep going V….<3 <3

  3. Mary

    That is an awesome story. I think I need someone like that following me around all day!!!

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