May 15


Last week, the Lung doctor told me it was time to bring Jay home. I was very scared of how this would go, as the 24/7 watch he gets at the hospital was now all on me. I’m good, but I’m not that good.

Luck has it that @divergirl3000 had a big competition that weekend AND we were having an open house, so Jay went to the Transplant House, a lovely facility where people who had transplants or are waiting for transplants can stay to be near the hospital if they are from out of town.

His stay there was quite pleasant, he enjoyed the food most of all, the girls and I tried to make as little a mess as possible at home to keep the house show-ready and @divergirl3000 kicked butt and won TWO gold medals!  Everyone was happy, we picked him up and brought him home, hurray!


Now, if you have read this blog long enough, you know this is far from the end of the story. Because we don’t do happy endings around here…. First, his legs were VERY stiff and he couldn’t walk, let alone go up and down the stairs. This is why we are selling the house – it’s just too hard for him to get around here. But we made adjustments and I helped him down in the morning and up at night and it was sort of OK. Except on Tuesday there was some coughing….. And he slept a lot. Like all the time. Like couldn’t stay awake for one hour during the Agents’ Caravan…. I knew something was up. We called the nurse, she said monitor and call if anything changes, but it ‘s probably just exhaustion from being out of the controlled environment and into the real world.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning – poor Diver Girl goes to wake him up and says ‘Mom, dad had a big nose bleed’ Sure enough, there was what looked like dried black blood all over the bed. I mean ALL OVER. Everywhere. Frantic phone calls ensued and with the help of friends and family, we got him to the ER while Diver Girl and I headed for her own treatment at the Children’s hospital (because why should only 1 person go to the hospital when 2 can go?)

Long story short, he’s fighting a very very serious pneumonia. But the black blood? It’s probably not blood, it could be the nasty mold that is back. We won’t know for a few days (cultures take time), but I didn’t take any chances: when I left the hospital, I put on some rubber gloves and bagged all the bedding and threw it out. Too bad, it was my pretty house-showing set, but people will just have to visit my house with regular sheets….