Apr 27

The Things People Say

I ran into a neighbour from down the street this morning and said something about what had been happening and she said ‘I know I read your blog!’ (hey neighbour!). Two things came out of this conversation: 1) I owe you and update and 2) some people say really weird things (not her!).


1) Jay was home for a while, but 10 days ago he went back in the hospital with new symptoms, which it turns out were a very large polyp in his colon. Since he was already there and they need to run so many tests to re-list him, he’s been there being poked and prodded and getting sucked dry by vampires (they took 29 vials of blood in one shot!). This Wednesday, the transplant team will meet again. Then we will find out if he can go back on the list and what is going to happen: can he come home with some assistance or will he have to wait in the hospital for what could be weeks or even months….

In the mean time, the girls and I have been purging and sorting and are *thisclose* to being ready to show our house. We need to sell for various reasons, mainly because Jay cannot walk up and down the stairs, but also because if I can’t work, it makes sense to reduce expenses by reducing the size of our house.


2) So this lovely neighbour was inquiring about how we are doing and in the end she says ‘you know, there are just no words, can I just give you a hug instead?’ and she did, she gave me a hug and went to work. THAT is how you do it. How NOT to do it would be the following:

When I had cancer, I blogged about it. I wasn’t trying to become famous from it, it was just an outlet for me. But I did end up lending my bald face to The Weekend to End Women’s Cancers and did a few interviews and I was happy to do it because it’s a cause near and dear and I love the experience of walking the weekend.

Recently, 2 fellow local breast cancer survivors have both grown in their public spheres: one, who is a bona-fide fashion blogger, and her star is rising. The other, who’s blog for young cancer survivors is well known, got a job in local television as a girl-about-town. I am thrilled for both of them, I follow them both closely and one time, we were all in the same room and had a drink together (with yet a 3rd cancer survivor who has written several books).

Now, there is a person (let’s call her Miss Nozy Pozy), someone I don’t know ‘in person’ but who was at the walk and heard my speech and now follows this blog along with all these other people. When TV Girl made her announcement, I commented and said ‘well done, I told you you would take over the world!’. This is when Miss Nozy-Pozy, side-messaged me and said ‘you know, that could have been you, but you are so negative all the time. N is SO super positive, that’s why she got that opportunity’.

OK. Now, I adopted from China so I am totally used to crazy people telling me insanely inappropriate things in public places. But this? Seriously? First of all, I don’t know you. Just because you read my blog doesn’t mean you know me. Second of all, I don’t want that job. Never did. And if you find me so negative, why the hell are you still reading this blog????

In the mean time, I will keep accepting hugs from kind neighbours. And wallow in my deep dark pit of negativity and not become a media darling.


  1. Figby

    Shaking my head. Seriously. What is wrong with people?


    What a flippin bitch! I agree with Figby WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE ??

    ** love your neighbour **

    Will probably be in Montreal for two months …..btw June and August…with the Champ…I hope we can finally meet up!

    hugs to you V

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