Jan 19

NED and the Hurricane

Two weeks ago, my little one found out her ITP was no longer going to be treated with weekly IV. One can live nicely with ITP, as long as one sit son the couch and does not physical activities that results in bruises… So no more diving, skate boarding, snow boarding, skiing, skating, basketball or soccer. Which are ALL of the things she loves. ESPECIALLY diving.

That same day, my husband went for a long overdue checkup. He has not been feeling well since December, including an ER visit. The decided to put in a PICC line, which he went in for on Tuesday. That was 14 days ago. He’s been in the hospital, on IV and oxygen, in isolation, unable to see the kids since then.

I had to stop going to work, because I can’t manage the kids and the dogs and visiting him AND going to work. Also pants. I can’t seem to put on pants, which makes going to an office a problem.


Now, the kids and I, we have done ‘dad-in-the-hospital’ many times. Even once since the transplant. But this time… I don’t know. This time, everyone has been very very scared. There are a lot of uncertainties. It’s been way harder this time to answer the questions of an almost 12 and 9.5 y.o.

Plus it’s January. The 2-year anniversary of everything that happened 2 years ago.

So it’s not clouds so much as a full blown hurricane around here.

But today, he was doing better. And today, the surgical oncologist examined me for the 2-year appointment and said NED and I are still BFFs. Maybe this hurricane is turning into a mere tropical storm.

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  1. Carey

    Hoping for a continued downgrade in your hurricane status.

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