Nov 10

Beware of the rainbows

The thing about rainbows is that they only happen when there is rain. And rain comes from clouds.

Let’s start with the rainbows: I have been on a work-high, the main job is super interesting and I love it. I also picked up a few side projects, and a big client I did a brainstorming for a few months back is ready to move forward and booked me for some more stuff. Then I saw online that someone I met at a networking event lost her publisher, I sent her a FB message, and next thing you know, I am working with the most fun people ever, putting together a Kickstarter to get her book done.


DivingGirl loves her new team and is going super well. First big competition set for late November. RockingGirl is picking a high-school. Both of them participated in the #girlslearncode event at Google and loved it.

Rainbows. Everywhere.

Except that our furnace is broken beyond repair and we have to order a new one and out house is HUGE and OLD so it’s going to be an epic thing to fix. – Minor cloud.

Jay has been coughing and they saw <something> during a broncoscopy. Slightly bigger cloud.

Turns out it’s the aspergillus growing back, and it’s resistant to the awful drug he was one. Serious cloud.

Today, Divergirl’s platelets have dropped again and the doctor-I-don’t-like was not nice and told me to pull her out of diving and keep her on the couch. BIG cloud. (waiting to speak to Dr-I-Like before making a decision)

And now as I type this, Kickstarter is insisting we sub-title our video into English, even though the book is in French. OK, tiny cloud, but really not needed in this bad weather.

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  1. Liz

    I have nothing to say, except that I read it. I think it sucks. I hope things get a lot better soon.

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