Oct 14

My Vagina doesn’t want your discount

Please pardon the serious post today. I got into a twitter fight with a businessman today over a discount offered to women only (the details are not important, I don’t want to give them any attention.)

I said that offering women-only a reduced price to a service was sexist. He told me I was taking political correctness too far. Some of my female friends were equally aghast, several of them shared news articles about it on FB. But a greater number of women were like ‘take the discount, what’s the big deal?’. I was frankly surprised at how many women were ok with taking a discount meant only for women.

The big deal is this: My vagina does not warrant me a discount. I want to get paid the same as a man, I want to have the same right and privileges as a man. So if I accept a discount based on the sole fact that I’m a woman, it’s wrong. Think about it for one second. If the promo had been in reverse and men only were offered a discount on the same service, there would be an UPROAR.

And yes, it extends to all women-only prices: ladies’ nights at bars: sexist. Again, think about it: Mens’ night, 2 for 1 beer…. UPROAR.

Just because it’s a discount and thus an advantage doesn’t mean it’s not sexist. It is the reason why I don’t have the big discount card all my friends have (again, not naming it), because it panders to women only. It’s wrong. It’s the reason why my skin crawls when someone calls me a mom-preneur…. wait, is my husband a dad-preneur? Why is being a woman who is an entrepreneur related to my status as a mother (as a mom actually. because moms are cute, mothers are serious)

So I will continue to vote, and demand equal pay. And in return, I’ll pay full price, thank you very much. Unless you want to offer your discount equally to men and women.


(the reason why this blew into a big thing is that I now have to pull out of a cancer fundraiser because it is held at this business and I stand by my principles and won’t go there)


  1. Liz

    I agree. People would go insane if it was a discount for men only (we all know the men only discounts are hidden as things like up charges for women’s shirts at dry cleaners). It is condescending in general, and paternalistic. I bet he’d say “never mind your pretty little head about it” if you called him on it.

    You did the right thing.

  2. Doris

    This Guzzo issue is getting to be pretty big…Fagstein picked it up and screen grabbed your Twitter discussion…


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