Oct 10

#pinkwashing rant: the NFL

I am Canadian. I do not watch football, except maybe the Grey Cup if the Als are in it and it’s -22 and snowing, then it’s just an excuse to drink beer. I have seen the Superbowl a few times, mostly because it coincided with cruises with took or visits to my friend L in NJ.

I do know, however, that the NFL makes a HUGE show of <supporting> breast cancer in October. Everything turns pink. Don’t even get me started on the irony of an organization to looks away from domestic abuse sponsering events to ‘save the tatas’….. but when you buy your pink NFL jersey, so you know that you are in fact NOT donating a single dollar to research? Not ONE dollar…..



So they donate to ‘awareness’ campaigns but cannot name the organizations or locations that they donate to. An organizatino of that size, with that kind of money, could easily fund an entire research program, a special wing in a hospital, SOMEThING significant, and slap their big ol’ NFL logo on it. I would have NO PROBLEM with that, because if we see where the money is going, that’s fine. But to use this disease as a marketing ploy and not be clear about the amount and the destination of the funds? That is the definition of #pinkwashing