Oct 06

Daily Pink Rant: the toolbelt

My friend and teammate M found this at Canadian Tire this weekend and posted it on my FB wall.



My immediate reaction was: OMG I’m going to puke! To which N responded with: here, use this:toolbucket


Now, I did the research: they donate 1$ for each tool-belt or bucket sold, which on an 18$ tool-belt is not too bad, but again, I must ask:

  • how many pink tool-belts do you think they sell, so how much money are they donating? 1000? 2500?
  • how insulting and condescending is it to sell a pink tool-belt in the first place? I own A LOT of tools, none of them are pink!
  • If they really want to donate, couldn’t they just say ‘Proud supporter of the Canadian Breast Cancer Fondation’ on the tag and donate for ALL the tool-belts, including the manly ones? (PS, men get breast cancer too…. #shocker )


PS: I once tried to explain Canadian Tire to a foreigner: Well, it’s an auto-parts store that obviously sells tires. But also toasters and christmas trees and hockey equipment, you know, all things Canadian. And they give you Canadian Tire money back…..


  1. jay

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Canadian Tire has stopped giving out Canadian Tire money.

  2. Jo

    I got Canadian Tire money just last week. Maybe they stopped at some stores but not others!?

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