Oct 05

Pink, well done

so not every company that joins #pinktober is evil.

CIBC is a Canadian Bank. And they have raised over 25 MILLIONS for breast cancer research. I have run it once, with my AMAZING friend D, the quiet one, the one who never takes the spotlight but takes my kids, the one who’s name is never in the posts, but makes sure everyone in my house is fed. D. is amazing beyond words. She runs the CIBC Run for the Cure, she ran it BEFORE I had cancer, she ran it while I had cancer, and she ran it again now that I am cancer free.

My other friend D, the first one who ever babysat SQ, ran in Toronto. I miss her so much. She has FOUR little girls…. that’s a lot of boobs to check!!!

And then, there is Nalie. My sister in cancer-ness. She was diagnosed after I was, but much, much younger. One time, I ran into her in the plastics waiting room. And then she took the awesome Rads team over and turned them into media rock stars (I never did have the balls to take video in rads). While I became the poster-child for The Weekend to End Women’s Cancers, Nalie became the poster-child for the CIBC Run for the Cure.

There are organizations and companies who get it right. I donated to Nalie, and if I haven’t bleed you dry yet, please make sure she gets to 20K. I know what it feels like to reach your fundraising goal!