Oct 03

today’s rant: tweezers

isn’t it nice of Tweezerman to donate 1$ for each of their ‘special edition breast cancer awareness tweezers’ to Komen?

So, here are the 22$ and 40$ special edition, pink of course, tweezers… (for 40$ they are glittery!)

tweezers2 tweezrs1

1$. I mean, if you REALLY need tweezers, I guess it’s ok. ┬áBut how many tweezers do you think they sell in a month? and why don’t they donate if you buy silver or red ones?

But tweezers? here is the awareness tie-in: YOU EYEBROWS ARE GOING TO FALL OFF and they may not all come back.


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  1. Catherine

    Oooh my. Yep.Wow.

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