Oct 02

the almost-daily pink rant

I’ve decided to try to post every day in October to counter the onslaught of #pinktober.

I took a screen shot rather than link because I don’t want even ONE person to click on this, but seriously, take a look:

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 12.12.30 PM


so we’ve got Clinique donating 10$ per bottle of the regular cream with the charms, which is more expensive than the regular cream, so they are charging you for your donation.

Then a 50$ scarf, of which 20% of the proceeds will be donated. Do you know when they say that, the mean 20% of the NET profits, which on a scarf like this is probably 20$. So  4$ donation….

The wine company says they will donate 50% and some of the makeup brands are donating a fixed aboutn (ie 12$ per lipstick). But seriously, just find a woman in need and make her a meal. Donate directly to the hospital. Don<t buy into this, please.

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  1. niazmali phor

    The results set up a rematch of the 1999 Grey Cup, where the Ti-Cats will look to hoist their first title since 1999, the Stamps since 2008.
    In fact, the two sides met twice this season. Week 4 was a gritty 10-7 win for Calgary, with a second meeting four weeks later going to a 30-20 finish in favor of the Stamps once more.
    Grey Cup 2014

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