Sep 30

no #pinkwashing here

’twas the last night of September and all through the interwebs,

the snarky cancer-bitches were ready to snark.



ok, it doesn’t really work…. but tomorrow is October 1st. aka #pinktober  – you can buy a pink KitKat, Swiffer, Chicken Soup, nail polish (full of cancer chemicals), make-up, and my all time favorite, a snow-brush. This is what I have to say:



Donate or don’t, it’s not really my focus. Just please don’t buy something that’s been pink-ified with a ribbon. Those companies do not give a SHIT if I live or die, they don’t care if their .1% donation lands in the hands of researchers… it’s all marketing. Yes, the organisation that I support takes a cut. You don’t get 1500 people to walk 60 kms in 2 days without some kind of ‘machine’ behind it. But I also know the money gets to the hospital. I know, because my nurse tells me: my Herceptin study was funded by the walk.

Donate, or don’t. But for heaven’s sake, don’t pink-wash my struggle to live.


  1. Jennifer

    Thank you so much for stating the obvious – love your blog

  2. Meg Ryder

    Until I began reading your blog (many years ago…..back in the adoption days!) I did not really think about how pinktober could be hard/frustrating/useless for some. I’m more thoughtful because of your writing……and now- my time and my money goes right to the source I no longer bother with the pretty pink middleman. #yourlifematters. #yourstrugglematters.

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