Sep 15

Forward Motion

Somehow, while cleaning up my old store website, I broke my blog, and thus it was offline for a week. And then, I didn’t know how to fix it. There are many things on the internet I am a whiz at. Cpanels and public_html folders, not so much. Luckily for me, my host, Camelot-Hosting, has the most amazing team and with the snap of a finger, I’m back!

I’m the kind of person who is always waiting for the other shoe to drop, the other next bad thing to happen, because, HELLO, have you seen the way things go in my life? SOMETHING always happens. But right now, in this moment, we are on a bit of a good streak.

Work is going well, I am feeling challenged, in a good way, and I am really enjoying the tasks assigned to me. I’ve also been on a mission to declutter our house and finally get to projects I have been ignoring for years, thus we now have a TV in our living room and I recovered 1 of 2 chairs in there. Knowing me, it will be another 4 years before I get to the second chair!

The best thing though is DiverGirl, aka my youngest. They still can’t explain the ITP – she is very A-typical. But with weekly treatment for the last 6 weeks, she has made a very slow but steady climb from 12,000 to 44,000. We were aiming for 75K to resume diving, but the doctors all agree that she has probably never been that high. So they cleared her to dive from the side of the pool.

Which she took to mean: let’s go on the 5 meter platform and dive head-first. I nodded my approval from the bleachers because 1) there was no way to stop her and 2) it was a trial for a high-level performance team. We then waited anxiously for 4 days to hear. It’s a long story but basically her beloved coach has moved up in rank and is joining this team to train National athletes. He was offered the opportunity to trial 8 of his athletes to transfer with him. Mostly his teenagers in the student-athlete programs. But he invited DiverGirl to try to. And what do you know? She was one of only 2 they picked!!!!

Starting tonight, she is a member of the elite team. It will involve an unbelieavable amount of driving and schlepping 3 to 4 nights a week and we will only get to eat dinner as a family on weekends, something i had SWORN would never happen. But she is awesome, and she deserves to reach for the stars!


  1. Nance

    Congrats to diverGirl! I hope her numbers continue to climb. I’ve been unaware of her saga.
    Very proud of her abilities with time out of the pool. Great job to her.

  2. Nat

    Whoah, it was obvious she was fantastic, but this a whole new, crazy, great, big, amazing level! Go, DiverGirl, go!!!

    They better find what’s wrong and fix it quick! Beccause, you know… Live to dive, dive to live!

    (Remember when I told you not to worry too much about her motor skills when I met you that first time, shortly after you had been to China? HA!)

  3. Meg

    That is pretty exciting. Good for her.

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