Aug 22

On Journeys and Clouds

I called this blog Outrunning the Cloud because I fancied myself a runner, but also, because I felt that for most of my adult life, there has been some sort of cloud over my head. I might have managed at times to get rid of one or the other, but somehow, another one always pops up. I’ve been reflecting a lot about this the last couple of days.

This weekend, I will be walking for the 6th time. The first time, the cloud was the return of my mom’s breast cancer after remission that prompted me to lace up my shoes (that and pretty much Amy forced me to). Last year, it was my own cloud that kept me going, even though my toenails were falling off and I wanted to puke with every step. This year, I am cancer-free. NED. I should be rejoicing and walking on air. And I am, a little bit, because with all of YOUR support, this just happened:


My goal had been 8000$, which is what I had raised last year. I secretly hoped that I could raise 10,000$ for the 10th anniversary, but it does get harder and harder to raise money each year. When I saw it go over 11,000 this morning, I was in an elevator on a construction site at my new job. With me, coincidentally, was a long-time work friend who years ago was involved with The Weekend. I flashed him my phone and his eyes bulged out of his head. He could really appreciate how much effort went into this. So THANK YOU!!!!

Yet, the clouds have not completely parted. My poor kiddo is not responding to the standard treatment for ITP. It’s still too early to move onto more serious options, so we have to keep doing the weekly IV. Her veins are getting tired and blew twice yesterday, so she had to be pricked 6 times to get through the treatment. She will be missing school 1 day a week and can’t keep diving for now. She is PISSED. I get it, I learned to knit with one hand the year I broke my wrist because I couldn’t imagine not knitting for 8 weeks….

So this weekend, I will carry my mother in my heart with every step of the 60 kms. And I’ll be keeping my eye on this new cloud, I’m ready to kick it’s ass too!