Aug 12

NED & ME, Forever

I can only think of a few ways to permanently declare your love for someone or something: carve it into a tree, spray paint it on a rock on the side of the highway, or tattoo it on your body.

2 posts ago, I told you about my new friend NED. People keep asking me if I am in remission and I answer ‘No, I’m Ned’. ¬†Today, I went to speak to my tattoo guy (yes, I have a tattoo guy) about doing a chest piece to cover my scars. Not fake 3D nipples, but rather some sort of artsy thing with doodles and patterns and maybe a needle and thread… I don’t know yet, it’s a work in progress. But while I was there, I asked him to stamp me permanently with NED. Like an old school office-stamp, as per A’s suggestion.






There you have it. Ned and Me, Forever.

In other news, I have reached my set goal of raising $8000 for the Weekend to End Women’s Cancers in less than 10 days….. but now I’m thinking I can do better, I can do $10,000 for the 10th anniversary…. If you can spare even 10$, every bit helps….¬†endcancer.ca/goto/champouxv