Jul 22

Port-Free and Employed

When I last wrote to you, things were pretty fucking sucky. My kid was lucky to make it to camp, but she had to come home 3 different times for an IV. I did manage to go to Windsor to party with my friends, but even that turned into an adventure when a trail derailment cancelled my train and I had to drive the 865 kms between my house and Windsor. (of course, as soon as I hit the road, the trains started running again)

Last weekend, I went to Chicago with L. We had a grand-old time and we both bought new shoes and new clothes.

Seeing my friends did me a world of good. There is nothing I can do to change many of things that happen to me, but when I can squeeze 2 or 3 days of happiness, it makes the rest a bit easier.

Today marked a momentous day in my cancer saga: my port came out. Finally. Not that it hurt, but it was bothersome, and I had to keep getting flushed every 3 weeks. And it was a constant reminder of what I had gone though. The scars on my chest I can’t do anything about, but this, I could. So it’s gone.

Yesterday was also a momentous day: I got a job! I’ve been getting small consulting contracts here and there, and 2 weeks ago I stumbled upon a really interesting one for a big out-of-town corporation. But it won’t be many hours, although it will probably be a long term thing. This new one though, I am VERY excited about. It came through a friend who gave me a glowing recommendation. I met with the people last week before going to Chicago and we met again yesterday. I won’t go into details because it wouldn’t be fair to my new employers, but I will say this: I am very excited. I will work with great people, in a great office ( I GET TO LEAVE MY HOUSE!) and the work itself will be challenging and interesting. Most importantly: I can wear real clothes and fancy shoes! So long jeans and Birkenstocks!


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  1. Nance

    Sounds like a nice uptick in life. Good luck with the new job!

  2. Nat

    Wow! Fantastic news! Shoes! Dresses! Great people! A new life!


  3. Anna in Turin

    V, big hugs to you! Finally things are starting to go in the right direction!

  4. carrie/3Cmum

    Finally a great piece of good news! Great luck and you deserve it. I’m hoping that this is the change in the right direction you and the family need!

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