Jul 03

The Olympics of Suck

Last year, when things were piling on, my friend Ellie came up with a really funny name, which I am not going to use because it’s sort of a secret-society thing. It was in the vein of The Olympics of Suck, but way funnier. In this secret society, we would vent about the shitty things that happened to us and try to out-do each other. Trust me, I was a podium-winner every time. Golds mostly.


Last we spoke here, my youngest daughter was diagnosed with ITP and had to get IV treatment in the children’s oncology department, because really, what is the one place I never wanted to go to in my life…. Well, the first treatment brought her right up to 137,000 and we thought, great, that worked!

Except it didn’t. She plummeted back down. So she had a second treatment. That one did barely anything. She only went up to 37,000. But the doctor was very nice and the camp was SUPER accommodating and she understood that she had to sit out the sports (except swimming) and be super duper careful not to fall or cut herself, so off she went to camp on Tuesday at 1pm.

On Wednesday at 1 pm, after a routine post-transplant blood test, my husband ended up having an emergency broncoscopy which confirmed that he not only still had aspergillus, but now he had pneumonia. By dinner time, he was in an isolation cubby in the ER. He is now on the post-transplant floor, getting IV antibiotics and he will be there at least until Sunday.

I’ll have to visit him early on Sunday. Because then I have to drive up north to the camp to go fetch my youngest child. Who’s platelets were tested again today and she has dropped back to 27,000 and needs to be treated again on Monday. Thankfully, the camp is being super nice and letting me take her out and bring her back. I can’t imagine how upset she is going to be when they tell her I’m coming and she has to get and IV again. The only thing that will probably cheer her up is that I am picking her up on my birthday. So instead of sending me a letter 5 days later in the mail, she’ll get to see me.

World Class Olympic Winner of Suck.

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  1. Liz

    You really do win the Olympics of Suck.

    I hate that about you.

    I wish things would just get the fuck better and stay that way for more than 4.7 minutes at a stretch. Make sure to get some pre or post IV poutine for that girl.

    Fuck the Suck. Fuck the Suck. Fuck the Suck.

    That is my cheer from the grandstands at the Olympics of Suck.

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