Jun 26

An 11 y.o. Badass

My youngest, who is 8, almost 9, went back to the hospital today to check on her platelets. We were SHOCKED that they had dropped back to 27,000. No Bueno. She needed another IV of Immunoglobulins. Camp is up in the air. We’ll have to see if they go back up.

So we spent the day in the kids oncology ward again, because that is where hematology treats kids, even the ones who don’t have cancer.

Last time she was pretty much alone, today, there were several girls waiting for chemo. They have to pee clear to get the go-ahead, something I didn’t experience.

Anyhow, there was an 11 yo in the bed across from my kid. Same age as my eldest, grade 5, going into grade 6. Except she’s been out of school since November. Bone Cancer. Which spread to her lungs.

At first, she was eyeing us with suspicion, why were we there, why did my daughter still have hair, what kind of treatment was she getting…. So I scrolled in my phone and found a picture of the day I went bald. And I showed it to her. And my port protruding from my chest. And then she got chatty.

We talked about peeing red chemo and how it hurts when your hair falls out. We compared scars and the number of radiations we got. All in all, her treatment will be 9 months. She couldn’t believe mine was 17 months. I couldn’t believe she was 11 and dealing with this. PS: she is going to be fine. Last biopsies revealed all the tumours were gone. The last 7 rounds are a precaution.

I made lots of inappropriate jokes and thought her to sing Igloo Igloo to get her to drink lots of water to get clean pee. Don’t worry, her parents were right there. Her dad thought my ‘Skittles make your platelets go up’ plan was a good one and went to get her a bag, just like my kid. I also offered to pee in a cup for her, since she was having a really hard time getting clean pee.

On the one hand, I never want to have to spend another day there, watching my kid hooked up to an IV, fighting for her platelets to stay at a normal level (which is around 150,000). On the other hand, I kind of want to hang out with her again.  I mean, I don’t have a job, maybe I could just go hang out with her anyhow.


  1. Ellie

    You could get a side-job selling clean pee.

  2. Gina C

    You made a great impact on that kid – she’ll remember it for the rest of her life. And so will your daughter. You are the best, and I don’t even know you. You give me hope.

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