Jun 11

well that was weird

A lot of people have been telling me I should write a book. And I keep thinking: why would I write a book? I’ve been blogging for a dozen years, it’s all out there already!

But today I was thinking about bloggers who have written books (my idol, The Bloggess for one) and it made me think WAAAAYYYYY back to Diaryland and an old blogging acquaintance, the first one *I* knew who turned a blog into a book, Mimi Smartypants. I stopped reading years ago, but imagine my shock when I read 3 posts and found that she had JUST been to Montreal and had a cancer scare! She’s ok, no cancer, and she didn’t seem to love my city, but that is a very weird coincidence!

PS: I realize most of you have never read my old blog. I’m not giving out the name or posting the link because I shut it down years ago and haven’t edited it to protect the innocents….