Jun 12

I’ve Got Mail!

Several nice things have come out of this nightmare. We are being helped, supported and cared for by an army of friends and acquaintances who are providing meals (I can eat, but I CANNOT stand the smell of cooking food. being in the kitchen to cook is hell), coming with me to chemo or taking the kids for much needed distractions.

Of course, my non-local friends are wanting to pitch in. And one of the ways they have found is to send me mail. I cannot tell you what an instant pick-me-up it is to hear the flap of the mail slot slam and find a card on the floor of the front hall. I make no apologies for my love of the computer and the many, many ways I keep  in touch with my crew via screen at least 18 hours per day. But the cards and little surprises that have been coming in the old-fashioned mail have been treasures to behold.

First of all, discovering everyone’s handwriting! Before this, it was just pixels on a screen, but now, I feel like I know a bit more about some people I already know way too much about! The kind words, the silly jokes, the encouraging notes – my purse is overflowing because I feel compelled to keep them with me as much as possible! I’ve set up a display in my knitting/craft room, but when they first arrive, I like to keep them with me for a few days before they mosey on over to the bulletin board.

As much I as love a fast-moving FB thread or a good group chat, I’m remembering how much fun good old fashion mail can be!