Jun 10

Raise your glass

that’s it. I am done with cancer. Well, I am done with treatment. And tonight, for the first time, I actually said out loud to a bunch of strangers at a fundraiser that I did NOT have cancer anymore. I’m not going to say it’s behind me, it never will be, but I am hopeful that right now, in this moment, there are no cancer cells in my body.


I’ve been sitting on this bottle for months, waiting for the right occasion. here it is. Cheers!



And a special toast to the fellow cancer ass-kickers I got to meet in person tonight, Nalie, Lolitta and Maude. Cancer sucks, but sharing the experience with such inspirational ass-kickers makes it a little easier.



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  1. Nance


  2. Jen Chavez-Miller

    Cheers, Virginia!

  3. Nat

    Very, absolutely, definitely, completely awesome! Congrats, and cheers!

  4. Liz

    that is the best news of the day week month year.


    You win, V. You totally win.

  5. Nalie

    IM SO FREAKING PROUD OF YOU! Congratulations on the victory and we’re totally going out for drinks as soon as im DONE. right behind you girl xo

  6. Ann Marie


  7. Mary Niemann

    You GO GIRL!!!!

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