Jun 06

Get a Haircut and Get a Real Job

Always good advice from Georges Thorogood.

So since I’m looking for work, I went to the hairdresser yesterday and I let her cut my hair. I’m growing it, so I really really didn’t want to cut it. But I looked like an electrified poodle. So I got it shaped. Turns out I am no longer a wash-and-wear person. I have to blow dry AND straight iron my short hair. So little hair, so much work!20140606_122357


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  1. Elise

    Very cute! Sorry it’s a lot of work, I sympathize. The more grey I get, the more out of control it gets and the more I have to do not to look like a crazy old lady.

  2. Angela

    Your hair looks great! I am definitely a wash-and-wear person but am working up the courage to get more of a “style.”

  3. Catherine

    Well, it looks really good, even if it’s high maintenance Growing out hair is strange. I had a weird “Friar Tuck” phase for about 3 months that wasn’t too exciting.

  4. leanne

    I’m a bedhead type of gal…eight months since the end of chemo, and chemo hair is weird and is so fluffy..Thank someone in 1860 for baseball hats!
    When it’s long enough to straighten, I will try. Sorry about the store. 13 years is a damn good run! We just opened our business, signed the lease the day I was diagnosed…scared to shit for th next 13 years.

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